borrowed vessels

Published January 26, 2015 by rozalindejoan

hello everybody,my belief is that in life you need to pass knowledge to others and so this is what i learnt yesterday.many are the times we face very difficult challenges,lose hope in life and feel very that desperate moment we need to remember that God has a way out for every hard situation.

we are like borrowed vessels..when you borrow a vessel,go for the empty ones(maybe your friends and neighbors will take you for a fool,but hey who cares?you know the purpose of the vessels)when you have borrowed vessels and they are empty,probably you will find something to fill them up with.

now take this examples,you always dream of being a C.E.O or owning your company,instead of asking those prominent people you know how they do ask them what they do to become prominent…you take the ideas and use them but not what they do otherwise you will be doing copycat job

since we are like borrowed vessels we need to study what other people have achieved,do some formal training,be exposed to new beginnings and have mentorship from experienced people.this will help us to become full vessels that can be productive.

great week ahead you all!much love!


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