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Is it too early to plan about investing?

Published February 19, 2015 by rozalindejoan


out of the bus window he gazes,looking out and in front of his view is a very good furnished apartment.well and executive furnished and maintained.’if only i could be given a chance to rent here?’ ‘what work do these people do?what is their income salary?not like it matters….but am sure to him it did matter…how did they get to this position?this and many more questions disturb his mind.seemingly he is engaging his thoughts to something.i look out of the window too,of course gazing at the apartment and yeah in flow of his thoughts i ask myself those queries people walking in or out and only mighty cars getting in.mind you the apartment is not in a flashy estate,just a place you would never imagine could unfold such an executive apartment.

but one query lingers on my mind,’what is their life story?has it been a smooth journey or a tough one?’honestly i get no response to my query.of course its a rhetorical query.this event happened while i was stuck in traffic jam heading home.

it is true that you can never make it in life without having to make that one the quote says,a journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step.

i want to assume that the person behind that great executive apartment one day had a dream to take place he/she had to actualize it and maybe do lots of planning too.

now you consider yourself at your sweet twenties and early thirties but if anyone came up to you with an  investment question you would probably give them the blind stare……i don’t blame you though i might do the same too.but its the high time i believe we learnt about saving.

it helps secure a better might be saying why should i?we only live once and so we should not waste our money on the unknown future..but honestly if we only live once,then why do you live that day and assume there is no tomorrow?

but because we all live by hope that’s why we need to plan for our future or future generation too.

there is one thing am sure of,for a dream to be actualized it needs to be first formed in the mind,put into writing,dream of it day and night and put effort in actualizing that dream.and there is no great satisfaction like having fulfilled a dream. so my fellow young generation lets embrace investment plans and not to wait till its too late to actualize those tiny or big dreams we always have.

how beautiful would it be if all the dreams we have would be actualized and everyone was living their dream.i tend to believe we would all be wearing happy faces all the time.


Its not about LOVE…..

Published February 9, 2015 by rozalindejoan

hello and i hope you had a lovely weekend altogether,mine had a lot of rethinking but i suppose we all have those times that we are driven to a point of rethinking about something.when i decided to start this blog it was entirely to focus on the beauty of life,since each day is new and has new things to present itself to each and every individual,some of us might be tempted to say,’mine is pretty the same’,’i have the same routine each day’,but believe me life is what you make it to be.we are the drivers of our lives.

now to be more precise,live does not entirely offer the best though,it does have its ugly turn which we can never do away with,what matters is,do you always sit down and sulk at the ugly events?one thing we all need to be grateful for is the friends and family that we have in our lives,without them i wonder what life would be like,since,they are always there when you are in your worst moments,and they give you the strength to rise.

you have the friends and family yes,i go the point of getting a partner,i believe God’s time is the best,but i have come to a point that i feel like i need to have a break with the relationship issue,i have had friends whom tell me all the good and well the ugly which happen when people are in the question is,if being in a relationship is about love,then,when is it not about love?

well this are the answers i might probably have to that question,practically its about what i feel,your opinions do count too and feel free to share them on the comment box..

  • when a relationship is not centered on Christ then its not about love
  • love is all about security and love,and we all don’t want people who will run after hitting a hard rock in the relationship period,thus its not about love when the better half is never there to solve a problem with you
  • its not about love when the better half makes you cry all the time and are never apologetic,love is about being apologetic and having someone who never makes you cry,at least on purpose
  • its not about love when there is no trust,lets face it but trust stands to be the most number one factor in a relationship
  • its not about love when the other partner insists on sex sex sex,i emphasize on that because well i have heard some men say that sex is what makes partners to be more closer but surely is sex the main factor in a relationship?
  • we all need people who push us to do the best and even when you don’t believe in yourself,they are there to believe in you,and when you find those who do not put your life in the best of their interest then its not about love
  • you also deserve someone who does not make you as if your an option in their life and they go ahead to tell you that they can get someone else,we all deserve people who treat us like the first option,then its about love

i can go on and on but i conclude by saying that we all deserve to be loved and to love and when its not above kindly don’t shy off to let it go for we deserve much better that we are being offered,and you deserve it for a lifetime.strive to get the best in this life and mostly the best advice comes from family and the true friends since they have the best interest of you in their hearts.

May you have a lovely and cheerful week as you reflect upon this.

watch as i rise

Published February 6, 2015 by rozalindejoan

hello,i hope the week was a great one,and you are looking forward to the weekend as i am.

i have a motivational feeling today,and i thought i should share that feeling with i went through this poem by Maya Angelou,i did realize one thing:there are people who are constantly waiting for our downfall and when that chance comes they mock you and display you,not realizing that falling is not the end of you.what does matter is how fast you rise after that downfall,because the faster quicker you rise gives our enemies no chance to see the downfall.

as you start your weekend remember this,falling does not matter,but rising up does count.

i truly hope this poem inspires you since when i read it,it spoke volumes to me,


You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.


Published February 4, 2015 by rozalindejoan

have you at any time asked someone to meet you,or you have ever  been summoned to meet someone and you were late?
do you get late because you were too busy?
what is usually your excuse?
would you say someone is civilized when they appear late for an appointment?
when you reflect upon this questions you will find out that,getting late because a norm of the day for most people.this makes one question their civilization.not knowing the sacrifice the other person has made in order to make that meeting happen..
and i am not talking about the friendly meetings though that’s not an exception to be late,i am talking of appointments,be it business,defending of ones thesis appointment and more..for that person to consider such a meeting,there is proper fast hand information given,for someone has to fit you in the busy schedule,so what happens when you fail to appear or come late for that meeting?
that makes one question the civilization of you?
most are the times we associate the west with being time keepers,but do we take the time to ask ourselves why they are associated with that?i believe we don’t but i am sure to be late or not to be late is a persons moral decision.
even in our day to day lives lets make it our duty to consider the other person’s schedule and the time they took to create the time to meet you.
i happened to listen to my lecturer complain about a certain student,the lecturer had already given an appointment two weeks ago for the meeting and it was supposed to take only fifteen minutes and the lecturer would attend to another student.the lecturer came thirty minutes earlier in order to meet the student  who came fifty minutes late of the appointment time.the response the lecturer gave the student struck me,’because of your lateness my schedule is now distorted’
this made me think,how many times do we distort other people’s schedule with our lateness and fake apologies?because of the students lateness,graduation won’t be on her mind this year and neither can she defend her thesis next week.
lets be considerate of other people’s schedules and respect their time,just as you would want them to respect your doing this,it portrays how civilized you are and gets to earn the respect of other people.

making decisions

Published February 3, 2015 by rozalindejoan

hello,i hope you are doing great,and if you are not i pray you find something that will make you feel cheerful.have you ever reached a point in life when you feel as if you are at a crossroad and you don’t know which direction to follow,i kind of feel that having lots of comebacks from the past and i don’t know what to do….

but what am sure of,is that there is always a way out of each and every deep hole you find yourself in.