Published February 4, 2015 by rozalindejoan

have you at any time asked someone to meet you,or you have ever  been summoned to meet someone and you were late?
do you get late because you were too busy?
what is usually your excuse?
would you say someone is civilized when they appear late for an appointment?
when you reflect upon this questions you will find out that,getting late because a norm of the day for most people.this makes one question their civilization.not knowing the sacrifice the other person has made in order to make that meeting happen..
and i am not talking about the friendly meetings though that’s not an exception to be late,i am talking of appointments,be it business,defending of ones thesis appointment and more..for that person to consider such a meeting,there is proper fast hand information given,for someone has to fit you in the busy schedule,so what happens when you fail to appear or come late for that meeting?
that makes one question the civilization of you?
most are the times we associate the west with being time keepers,but do we take the time to ask ourselves why they are associated with that?i believe we don’t but i am sure to be late or not to be late is a persons moral decision.
even in our day to day lives lets make it our duty to consider the other person’s schedule and the time they took to create the time to meet you.
i happened to listen to my lecturer complain about a certain student,the lecturer had already given an appointment two weeks ago for the meeting and it was supposed to take only fifteen minutes and the lecturer would attend to another student.the lecturer came thirty minutes earlier in order to meet the student  who came fifty minutes late of the appointment time.the response the lecturer gave the student struck me,’because of your lateness my schedule is now distorted’
this made me think,how many times do we distort other people’s schedule with our lateness and fake apologies?because of the students lateness,graduation won’t be on her mind this year and neither can she defend her thesis next week.
lets be considerate of other people’s schedules and respect their time,just as you would want them to respect your doing this,it portrays how civilized you are and gets to earn the respect of other people.


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