Its not about LOVE…..

Published February 9, 2015 by rozalindejoan

hello and i hope you had a lovely weekend altogether,mine had a lot of rethinking but i suppose we all have those times that we are driven to a point of rethinking about something.when i decided to start this blog it was entirely to focus on the beauty of life,since each day is new and has new things to present itself to each and every individual,some of us might be tempted to say,’mine is pretty the same’,’i have the same routine each day’,but believe me life is what you make it to be.we are the drivers of our lives.

now to be more precise,live does not entirely offer the best though,it does have its ugly turn which we can never do away with,what matters is,do you always sit down and sulk at the ugly events?one thing we all need to be grateful for is the friends and family that we have in our lives,without them i wonder what life would be like,since,they are always there when you are in your worst moments,and they give you the strength to rise.

you have the friends and family yes,i go the point of getting a partner,i believe God’s time is the best,but i have come to a point that i feel like i need to have a break with the relationship issue,i have had friends whom tell me all the good and well the ugly which happen when people are in the question is,if being in a relationship is about love,then,when is it not about love?

well this are the answers i might probably have to that question,practically its about what i feel,your opinions do count too and feel free to share them on the comment box..

  • when a relationship is not centered on Christ then its not about love
  • love is all about security and love,and we all don’t want people who will run after hitting a hard rock in the relationship period,thus its not about love when the better half is never there to solve a problem with you
  • its not about love when the better half makes you cry all the time and are never apologetic,love is about being apologetic and having someone who never makes you cry,at least on purpose
  • its not about love when there is no trust,lets face it but trust stands to be the most number one factor in a relationship
  • its not about love when the other partner insists on sex sex sex,i emphasize on that because well i have heard some men say that sex is what makes partners to be more closer but surely is sex the main factor in a relationship?
  • we all need people who push us to do the best and even when you don’t believe in yourself,they are there to believe in you,and when you find those who do not put your life in the best of their interest then its not about love
  • you also deserve someone who does not make you as if your an option in their life and they go ahead to tell you that they can get someone else,we all deserve people who treat us like the first option,then its about love

i can go on and on but i conclude by saying that we all deserve to be loved and to love and when its not above kindly don’t shy off to let it go for we deserve much better that we are being offered,and you deserve it for a lifetime.strive to get the best in this life and mostly the best advice comes from family and the true friends since they have the best interest of you in their hearts.

May you have a lovely and cheerful week as you reflect upon this.


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