Is it too early to plan about investing?

Published February 19, 2015 by rozalindejoan


out of the bus window he gazes,looking out and in front of his view is a very good furnished apartment.well and executive furnished and maintained.’if only i could be given a chance to rent here?’ ‘what work do these people do?what is their income salary?not like it matters….but am sure to him it did matter…how did they get to this position?this and many more questions disturb his mind.seemingly he is engaging his thoughts to something.i look out of the window too,of course gazing at the apartment and yeah in flow of his thoughts i ask myself those queries people walking in or out and only mighty cars getting in.mind you the apartment is not in a flashy estate,just a place you would never imagine could unfold such an executive apartment.

but one query lingers on my mind,’what is their life story?has it been a smooth journey or a tough one?’honestly i get no response to my query.of course its a rhetorical query.this event happened while i was stuck in traffic jam heading home.

it is true that you can never make it in life without having to make that one the quote says,a journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step.

i want to assume that the person behind that great executive apartment one day had a dream to take place he/she had to actualize it and maybe do lots of planning too.

now you consider yourself at your sweet twenties and early thirties but if anyone came up to you with an  investment question you would probably give them the blind stare……i don’t blame you though i might do the same too.but its the high time i believe we learnt about saving.

it helps secure a better might be saying why should i?we only live once and so we should not waste our money on the unknown future..but honestly if we only live once,then why do you live that day and assume there is no tomorrow?

but because we all live by hope that’s why we need to plan for our future or future generation too.

there is one thing am sure of,for a dream to be actualized it needs to be first formed in the mind,put into writing,dream of it day and night and put effort in actualizing that dream.and there is no great satisfaction like having fulfilled a dream. so my fellow young generation lets embrace investment plans and not to wait till its too late to actualize those tiny or big dreams we always have.

how beautiful would it be if all the dreams we have would be actualized and everyone was living their dream.i tend to believe we would all be wearing happy faces all the time.


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