Published March 2, 2015 by rozalindejoan

HAPPY NEW MONTH beautiful people!

is there something you normally do,and you finally find out that you always do it the same way all over again?it can be how you dress,maybe a specific dish or even how you do your personal things…suprisisngly i know most people are fond of such habits and 7% out of 10% will always say that they are bored…

my question is,do you get bored because you made a habit of doing something the same way or its because you have found nothing new to do?

well,last week i had been having this feeling of starting trying out something in different way.i had always done it the same way and an idea came to my mind and i did it differently.the idea was making pancakes and not the easy way am used to doing but incorporating milk and peanut butter to my pancakes…YEAH!peanut butter can be used to make pancakes so don’t be surprised..i did the combo and i had some of my friends and fellow classmates try them and give me a response..it was overwhelming when i watched their faces lighten up after taking a bite of the pancakes…

you know,that feeling you get when you try out something you’ve never tried before,taste it and you close your eyes as you take the moment in…….overwhelming….i know!

that feeling made me feel like on top of the world….that’s what happens when there is transition in someones life or a daily routine….you necessarily don’t have to do like me but am sure you can never lack somewhere or something that needs a transition.life is short as it is said and you need to get most things accomplished as for today since our tomorrow is unknown.

maybe its waking up in the morning,going to the same job you are used to then head home in the evening,you find it monotonous……i will gladly give you free advice…change the routine and you’ll see the transformation.

as you transit from one pattern to another,you realize that you leave a lot of things behind and accommodate new things,its in those new things that one finds true happiness.

probably you are in a relationship or might have been into relationships that ended soo abruptly and its becoming like a trend,i believe when you accept transition there will be drastic change.that change only comes when you admit that there is a problem and you need a solution to the problem…or you need to spice up things much better….it is boring going over something all over again……

imagine having a novel and you read it once and maybe you didn’t like it……and later on you revisit it again and later again…it gets to be monotonous..there is nothing new you are going back to read on that novel that you haven’t read…..you might only be going back to it for a favorite page you liked or out of boredom or just to engage yourself to something….

change that routine you are used to….engage in something new and you will have made a big leap in your life journey.


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