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Grateful 🌹

Published February 10, 2017 by rozalindejoan

    Greetings lovely people 

    I have been quite out of touch and am even wondering whether to start with Hello…. Hey…. But Greetings will do just for now. A whole year has passed and honestly I have had so much going that I made me question the beauty of life. 

    Hmmm interesting indeed,because, my purpose for this blog was to appreciate the little simple things that sum up on the whole aspect of life and it’s beauty. Just a quick update, I did clear my studies and plunged to the corporate world. 

    That journey has had it’s major shares of many ups and Downs. Whoever promised you that the world that greets you after you clear your studies is welcoming actually lied, because it’s not. It’s very frustrating! And to add it up with the current economy situation, it’s depressing. But at the end of the day, we all have to be grateful because all this hardships we endure sometimes but not oftenly, open doors we never ever expected. 

    A word of encouragement though to those almost giving up, don’t Give Up, keep pushing on, no matter how hard it seems. And don’t find an easy way out. 

    One lesson I have learnt is that, life’s beauty  is experienced in numerous ways. It’s mainly the little things we forsake that dictates the beauty to experience. It can be having friends and meaningful friends, family constantly pushing you to do better, work that keeps you busy or just going out of your way to start you new business. 

    Whatever it is that keeps you motivated daily to push on, be grateful for it. 

    Cheers! ♥♥♥♥